Lawn Care Service Plan

The beauty of a lawn extends beyond its greenery.


Lawn Care Service Plan

The beauty of a lawn extends beyond its greenery.


Full Service Plan

Introducing our Full Service Care Plan, designed to encompass all aspects of lawn maintenance and health throughout the year. This comprehensive package includes monthly tailored treatments, ensuring your lawn remains vibrant, resilient, and full of life in every season. From the initial spring nutrient boost to the winter preparation, each step of our Full Service Care Plan is crafted to provide your lawn with the optimal balance of nourishment and protection it needs to thrive.


1. NUTRITION boost

Rich in nutrients to enhance color and jump-start your lawn for the upcoming year – Applied between February and March.

2. weed management

A targeted herbicide approach to prevent weeds without affecting the grass, complemented by an optional organic nourishment based on lawn condition – Applied between April and May.


3. summer nourishment

Application of an organic, slow-release fertilizer coupled with bio-stimulants to bolster the lawn’s resistance against the hot, dry summer. A progress evaluation is also conducted – Applied between June and July.


4. autumn fortification

Combination of organic nutrients and bio-stimulants aimed at enhancing root development and introducing a moss-preventive liquid iron solution.


5. winter preparation

A liquid formula combining nourishment and iron to prepare the lawn for the colder months and manage moss growth.

Lawn Treatments

At Luxe Lawns, our mission is to elevate your lawn’s beauty through a range of expert treatments. With our Lawn Fertiliser, we nourish your grass for stronger, more vivid growth. Our Weed Control tackles unwelcome guests, and Moss Control keeps moss at bay. Through Lawn Aeration, we enhance your soil’s breathability and nutrient intake, while Lawn Scarification targets thatch buildup for healthier turf. Our Overseeding process ensures a denser, greener lawn. Rely on us for unparalleled lawn maintenance.



Our lawn has never looked better since we started with Luxe Lawns. The team's professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. A real gem in Flintshire!" - Michael Edwards, Flintshire

"I was amazed at the improvement in my lawn within just a few treatments. Luxe Lawn's expertise and tailored approach have made all the difference. Thank you!" - Elizabeth Morgan, Chester

The Full Service Care Plan from Luxe Lawns is outstanding. From the spring kickstart to the winter prep, our lawn is thriving. Exceptional service every time." - James and Louise Thompson, Mold

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At Luxe Lawns, we offer bespoke, premium lawn services tailored to the unique needs of your garden. Our local experts use eco-friendly methods to bring unparalleled beauty to your outdoor space.

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